“Home Sweet Home? Not”

best western

Remember that we were traveling with two rambunctious dogs from Oregon to Connecticut in a minivan. I hope you are now feeling the situation! We needed to stay in motels where they allowed dogs. Fortunately, we had a book of dog friendly places to stay, and fortunately it was February, not a prime vacation time. We would drive several hundred miles, anticipate when we would need to spend the night, and call one of these places to reserve a room.

The rooms were always clean and always located very near a door to the outside. They were fine for our purposes. For the dogs, they were heaven. They sniffed contentedly around these rooms, conversing in their noses with all the previous canine guests. It took them a while to settle down after each new immersion experience.

We left each morning at around 5:30, before the sun rose, and made it a habit to stop at McDonald’s after a while for coffee and Egg Mcmuffins. I will always associate that sandwich with our trip, and have only ever had a couple since then.

The nicest aspects of the trip for the dogs were the rest areas. In the summer, dogs need to be contained in a pet area and stay on leashes. In February we were usually the only car in the rest stop, and the dogs raced around unleashed and gleeful. The occasional truck drivers had no problem with our dogs running free.

Throughout most of our trip we mainly saw trucks on Interstate 84, the route we took most of the way. Most encouragingly, we kept seeing large trucks with G.O.D. signs on their sides. Apparently this stood for Guaranteed Overnight Delivery, but we felt it was affirming our trek.

February weather? More tomorrow.

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