“Hail! Hail! Rock n Roll!”


As a beginning for what promises to be an extended series of posts on music, ways to listen to music, music I have listened to and things that happened to me because of music, I salute Chuck Berry. He died a couple of days ago at the age of 90. Here he is pictured doing his classic “duck walk” as he hopped across the stage on one  leg with the other extended, all the while singing and playing the guitar.

I adored my older cousin Kenny, pictured below, who lived in the New York suburbs. I wanted a picture of us together, as he clearly didn’t! My little sister is laughing at the scene. What does that have to do with Chuck Berry?


By the time I was grown and living in Cambridge, I spent holidays with my uncle’s family. On one of those trips, Kenny took me into Harlem to hear Chuck Berry perform, probably in 1966. I had never seen anyone perform the way Berry did. He did splits and duck walked across the stage. I yelled and applauded along with everyone else. It was the first rock and roll concert I ever attended, but not my last.

As they say in the radio business, “Stay tuned.”

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