“Sort of Off Campus”


The dorm was a little overwhelming, but there was an alternative called “off campus.” This really wasn’t today’s meaning of the word, but rather housing that was outside the quadrangle of the big dorms. It was a privilege, and available only by seniority. Fortunately I had friends a year ahead of me who needed a fourth to apply. So I signed on with them and we were able to get two large rooms at 12 Walker Street called Coggeshall(another old Boston name.) I shared the corner room on the second floor left front of this photo.

We could still take our meals at Cabot, which was handy for dinner, only a block and a half away. However, there was a very large kitchen with an industrial sized refrigerator which we could use to store food. So I usually had a light breakfast here. I had learned about bagels and cream cheese for the first time, and I loved a toasted one in the morning.

i lived at 12 Walker for the remaining three years of college. Junior and senior years I had a single room which was the bay window on the second floor. Literally, it was the hall and bay window with a door to close it off. My bed was in the bay window and I always loved the snug feeling, rather like being in a boat’s cabin.

The bathrooms were large and individual with the original deep claw foot tubs, great for long soaks. We were able to have individual phones, and there was no “bells” work. The place was very homelike, and I actually had a couple of dinner parties, cooking veal Parmesan that I had learned from those wonderful “kitchen ladies.” “Sort of off campus” was a perfect life for me.

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