“A Finer Day”

Kerry Gruson 2015

I had never looked to see if my friend from that paddling day had an online presence. To my amazement, there was a lot to see about her, starting with this video.video. I was overwhelmed to see what she had done with her life after her severe injuries. Because she has a public presence, I decided it was appropriate to bring this update to yesterday’s post. I used the title “A Finer Day” because her story is one of such redemption after an assault.

In the photo above, Kerry is in the bicycle being pushed by a man who lost both arms in an electric accident while working. They competed together in the Miami, Florida half marathon. Intriguingly, Kerry has found a way to sail on a regular basis off Miami in a specially adapted boat. Her love of water clearly persists.

Lives can go in very different directions after a devastating injury. Kerry has chosen to see her mission as teaching people how to help other people achieve their dreams. She speaks and writes of the deep value of vulnerability and the gift of asking for help. I am glad that I had a chance to catch up with her, so that her story in my mind no longer ends with the disability, but rather with the overcoming.

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