IMG_0908This is the beginning of a larger project to share various kinds of writing I enjoy. I am starting with this blog, but intend to incorporate that into a web site which will include poetry, longer reflective essays, short memoir pieces and family history accounts.(Note on January 10, 2017. So far it’s just this blog!)

I am retired from the Pacific Northwest College of Art(originally the Museum Art School) in Portland, Oregon where I was a professor of English and taught for 25 years. I had the privilege and challenge of teaching painters, photographers, sculptors, printmakers, illustrators, ceramicists, and graphic design students to express themselves in words. We also engaged in lively discussions about poetry, fiction, nonfiction and drama. It was a unique opportunity for me to flourish in an nontraditional(for English professors)academic setting where how I taught was privileged over what research I published.

My family moved to the East coastΒ  fifteen years ago when much of the world seemed to be descending on Portland. In doing so, I mirrored a journey my parents had taken to relocate from Brooklyn to Oregon in 1948 when I was one year old. Here I continued teaching at the local community college before deciding to retire all together.


42 thoughts on “About

  1. An artist in residence! Being an art and English teacher that explores creativity and encourage dialogue is admirable. Art is the very first language.


  2. Hi Elizabeth just to let you know that your next post has gone live.. I am sure there will be feedback once it has circled the time zones.. thanks for responding to the comments on the other posts and I know that they have been looking forward to the next.


  3. As one of the few bloggers I always read, I’d like to send you a copy of my just-published short stories Which Way, and other ambiguous tales.
    No obligation – not expecting a review or anything, but as a relative beginner, I’d value your opinion if you have time to give it. As I said there is no obligation and I COMPLETELY understand the pressures of time (my own “to be read” list is longer than my shelf of Terry Pratchett books).
    If you’re happy with that, just let me know where to send it (pdf, mobi or word?) you can let me know via my blog at https://wordpress.com/block-editor/page/cathy-cade.com/2 .
    And have a great Christmas


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