“Easing Back In”

While I am still not fully adjusted to the vision from the two cataract surgeries, I wanted to at least put my toe back in the blog waters. I wrote earlier explaining that the difference between the vision in my eyes was unusually pronounced. The doctor and I decided to try to keep my left eye for reading and my right eye for distance as they had been most of my life. It is impossible to predict the focal distance after a new lens goes in to replace the original one. While he aimed for about what the reading distance had been, the actual distance at the moment is further out, necessitating reading glasses. Of course these over the counter lenses don’t take into account my right eye’s needs! Hence reading,writing and doing any close work is challenging. It takes several more weeks before I can know what final prescription requirements I have for glasses. In the meantime, I am trying to be patient, not my strongest trait.

I am deeply appreciative of all the comments I received in the last month. Since my connections are all online, I had no idea if it would matter to anyone if I disappeared. Nor did I have any confidence that I would meet any of my friends again once I began to write. I thank each person who assured me that they weren’t going anywhere. I have needed to know I could return to a practice which has sustained me through the pandemic.

I will begin to follow my friends’ blogs little by little, and I hope to catch up in time.