“Easing Back In”

While I am still not fully adjusted to the vision from the two cataract surgeries, I wanted to at least put my toe back in the blog waters. I wrote earlier explaining that the difference between the vision in my eyes was unusually pronounced. The doctor and I decided to try to keep my left eye for reading and my right eye for distance as they had been most of my life. It is impossible to predict the focal distance after a new lens goes in to replace the original one. While he aimed for about what the reading distance had been, the actual distance at the moment is further out, necessitating reading glasses. Of course these over the counter lenses don’t take into account my right eye’s needs! Hence reading,writing and doing any close work is challenging. It takes several more weeks before I can know what final prescription requirements I have for glasses. In the meantime, I am trying to be patient, not my strongest trait.

I am deeply appreciative of all the comments I received in the last month. Since my connections are all online, I had no idea if it would matter to anyone if I disappeared. Nor did I have any confidence that I would meet any of my friends again once I began to write. I thank each person who assured me that they weren’t going anywhere. I have needed to know I could return to a practice which has sustained me through the pandemic.

I will begin to follow my friends’ blogs little by little, and I hope to catch up in time.

51 thoughts on ““Easing Back In”

  1. We’re so happy to have you back online! Our eyes are so precious and when they work together properly, do a magnificent job! I hope you find the right prescription so you can function as well as before, or even better! I’ve had challenges with my progressive trifocals when reading as compared to working on the computer. But last week I upgraded my monitor – it’s almost twice as big as the old one – and found that helped immensely!


    1. I think I had only heard glowing reports, so I was unprepared for the struggle. It will be wonderful in the long run, just not quite yet. I look forward to catching up with you and Pete.

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  2. Welcome back, Elizabeth! I’m sorry to hear of your focusing difficulties. That must be a huge adjustment. Are you dizzy? A thought: can you get a pair of over the counter reading glasses and have your eye doctor pop out the lens on your distance eye? Might be a short fix till you get your prescription squared away. Take care. It is good to hear from you!


      1. I know what you mean! Thank goodness the seasickness has subsided. Maybe the one lens in the glasses will be a short fix. Best to you, Elizabeth.


  3. So lovely to see you here again Elizabeth, I was just praying for you only 30 minutes ago (as I have during this time) as I have been quite concerned that it has been awhile since you posted!
    So glad you’re on the mend! It does take awhile for our brains to adjust.
    Bless you,


  4. Welcome back, Elizabeth! I have to imagine having such a difference between your eyes would be quite disorienting.


  5. I too have eyes that – once upon a time – dealt independently with reading and distance. When my first pair of specs was made to deal with these independently, my brain couldn’t deal with them, so they had to re-think the specs. Apparently the brain gets used to working out what it’s seeing and interpreting it to make sense.
    Nowadays the ‘reading’ eye is longer-sighted while the ‘distance’ eye is just blurry; I need new lenses every time I have an eye test.
    Hope your brain catches up soon and sorts itself out for you.


      1. No prob! Take your time. By the way, I have another novel about to push through the beta reading process but I’m not sure you want to edit this one when it’s ready later this year. It does poke fun at the Catholic Church here and there. 😂


        1. Absolutely. I love poking fun at the Church. Who can’t laugh at those homophobic men dressed in gowns and lace? Let me read it please.


        2. Haha, I’ll be sure to add you to the beta reading list. I spent last weekend booking a month long trip from California to Wyoming, so I fell behind on my read-through. But my hope is to get it to you guys soon. Fingers crossed!


  6. Welcome back, Elizabeth! I knew the reason for your absence but confess that I was beginning to wonder if everything was OK. Glad to hear that, although there are a few hiccups, you are slowly getting back on track.


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