“A Shot In The Arm”

In the United States at the moment each state is responsible for distributing the Covid vaccine. I am grateful to be living in Connecticut which, while not particularly exciting, is known for its motto “the land of steady habits.” In the case of the vaccine this low key, no nonsense approach is paying off. Our governor looked at the mortality rates for our state and determined that we would distribute the vaccine by age brackets beginning with 75 up and then opening up by 10 year spans in the ensuing weeks. While many complained at his system, he showed a chart which clearly showed that although only 18% of our population is over 65, over 90% of deaths occurred in this age group.

Last week I joined a very well organized process shown above on the left and received a shot in my left arm (I have no idea who that person is on the right!) A drive through operation coordinated with uniformed National Guards and staffed with doctors and nurses, it runs smoothly. Apparently the health clinic worked with a business used to handling crowds. Both skills are needed for this kind of mass inoculation site.

I am thrilled to have received the first of two Pfizer shots, with the second in two weeks. My grandchildren are excited to be able to come in the house with us after one full year of sitting outside, rain, snow or sun, to visit a good distance apart.

Our country has done a disastrous job with the pandemic, losing over 500,000 citizens to a disease once described by the then leader as “nothing worse than the flu.” Thank goodness change has arrived.

21 thoughts on ““A Shot In The Arm”

  1. I had my first vaccination in February. But I would strongly counsel you against your grandchildren visiting just yet. Even two shots do not stop you transmitting the virus, or catching it. They are only to reduce the symptoms down to something like a bout of Flu if you get it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Canada has no vaccine production facilities so we are several weeks behind the US due to difficulty in obtaining doses. Thankfully, this now is resolved.


  3. Hooray that you got your first shot! It sounds like Connecticut is organized and doing far better than Massachusetts. Nobody can get an appointment, and the sites are all close to Boston. So, I have to wait a bit longer.


  4. Congratulations, Elizabeth. We are moving fairly steadily here in California. Many of my older friends have received one or two vaccinations. My wife and I are just below the age cutoff. We laugh because it’s the first time in forever that we wished we were older. Waiting patiently for our turn.


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