“Patriots’ Day”

Paul Revere and The Raiders

Holy Week is over, and I am returning to the very long saga of my life with music. Serendipitously enough, today is Patriots’ Day in our neighboring state of Massachusetts, a holiday which commemorates the first battle of the Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. And I am here, as promised to one of my readers, to write about Paul Revere and the Raiders–the band.

In high school after football games featured local bands, usually not much better than what you might think of as a garage band today. But we didn’t really care about the music because we were obsessing about who would or wouldn’t dance with whom. I endured one whole year of these trials without dancing once. Whatever spark had led me to win that grade school dance contest had gone out when I failed to reach maturity until 16. I was still 4’10” as a freshman, and I looked about 11. Not a prime candidate for a dance partner, apparently.

But the one band which did grab my attention was Paul Revere and The Raiders. They played actual music and had semi-coordinated dance steps while they played. Curious to see if my memory was accurate that they would have been playing in my high school cafeteria, I looked up their history before writing this post. Sure enough,”Around this time,(1962)(I think it was 1961) KISN(remember KISN). DJ Roger Hart, who was producing teen dances, was looking for a band to hire. Hart had a casual conversation with a bank teller who told him about a band called “Paul Revere-something”. Hart obtained Revere’s phone number and they met for lunch. Hart hired the band for one of his teen dances.”(Wikipedia)

So my one of my first live band performances actually featured a group that went on to some acclaim. I can’t say theĀ  same for any of the other musical acts!