Genealogical Serendipity

Book 1-03

Last night, as I stared at this photo I had acquired from a batch of unidentified pictures from my grandmother, I despaired of ever knowing who she was. She looked like a character out of Dickens to me, and I thought about giving her a Dickensian title. On a whim, I decided to look on line for the family lines of my grandmother whose parents’ names I knew. Amazingly, this photo was posted by another researcher, descended from a sibling of my great-grandmother. I can now tell you that this is my great-great grandmother Prudence Arthars Nash who lived from 1817 until 1885. True to her countenance here, she is reputed to have been “a woman of considerable ambition and drive as well as a fierce, almost repressive Puritanism.” But I am here tonight because she gave birth to my great-grandmother Jane Nash in 1855.

Label your photos! Sure you know who is in them, but think of your great-great grandchildren’s gratitude when they look at them.

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