How Firm a Foundation?


All over eastern Connecticut, foundations of homes built thirty years ago are crumbling. It turns out that the particular mix of concrete used incorporated a kind of stone which produced this problem. While the issue was known to geologists, it was apparently not known to concrete makers. Everyone is currently trying to assess blame; no one is accepting it. Insurers are refusing to pay. The homeowners are facing a catastrophic loss of home value or an enormous bill to replace their foundation. They are turning to the state for assistance.

When we have a widespread problem facing many people, we expect the government to help us. We look for flood relief, hurricane relief, tornado relief and drought relief. How sad that while we have widespread economic hardship affecting millions because of the structural change in our economy some see them as undeserving of government help. These people cannot expect that same relief. But their foundations are crumbling too. And they seem to be looking for someone to blame.

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