Ocean to Table


I spent many happy years in Camp Fire Girls, the west coast equivalent of Girl Scouts. Here I am plucking mussels from the rocks at low tide on the Oregon coast with a troop leader and another friend. I had never eaten mussels before this trip, but we had a feast steaming them over a fire.

On other excursions to the coast, we would buy fresh Dungeness crab and wait while it was boiled and cleaned. Then we would sit outside with a pile of napkins, pulling the crab apart and eating the delicious meat.

We are going to Nova Scotia in a week, and I am looking forward to seeing what fresh seafood is local and available. We tried dulce, dried sea weed, in New Brunswick a couple of years ago, but I can’t say we became converts. They said it was an acquired taste–one we haven’t acquired!

3 thoughts on “Ocean to Table

  1. Camp Fire Girls were founded by educators in the northeastern United States in 1910. They were considered the sister group to the Boy Scouts of America. Juliette Low brought the idea of Girl Scouts back from England in 1912. There has been at least one Camp Fire Girls’ camp in every state at some time during the 20th century. Only a few remain today. Camp Fire Girls were organized in groups with adult women as guardians.

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