Start Your Day With Breakfast?


When I was in third grade, the teacher went around the room asking each of us what we had eaten for breakfast. I was astonished to hear my classmates describe eggs, toast, bacon and juice. I quickly caught on that this was what the teacher wanted to hear, so I immediately revised my report. I had actually poured myself a bowl of Kix with milk. I thought that was normal. It was what my family had for breakfast, though my dad ate Grape-Nuts.

My husband likes huge breakfasts, similar to the one pictured. He loves hotels which feature full spreads. In Nova Scotia, our hotels will please him. I, on the other hand, prefer whole grain toast, from my own baked bread, spread with almond butter. And coffee. And no company. And no conversation. In my pajamas.

On vacation, he will usually slip out of the dining room with toast and coffee for me, then return for his extravagant breakfast

A perfect start to the day for both of us!

2 thoughts on “Start Your Day With Breakfast?

  1. Yes! I love being alone during breakfast time! My boyfriend always wants to chit chat but I’m like “stop talking and let me drink my tea!”. Glad I’m not the only one. X

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