Thanks to Mary Ann


We explored part of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park today, enjoying Mary Ann Falls(chutes en  Francais.) Cape Breton reminds me very much of the Oregon of my childhood: edged by the ocean, full of streams, rocks and forests, with very few people wherever we go. Smoked salmon last night as an appetizer making me realize how often I had  eaten Nova Scotian smoked salmon without thinking about where it originated.

The people we meet in Canada are quite perturbed by the possibility of a Trump victory in November. One joked that they will have to build a wall and make us pay for it. Another said it would matter much less if it was any other country. It is sobering to realize how many lives are affected around the world by our national politics. I know that theoretically,of course, but is is reinforced hearing from the Canadians.

May we approach our election with the solemnity it deserves, rather than seeing it as an episode of “America’s Got Talent.”

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