Game Changer?


I was the oldest of four children, the television didn’t enter out home until I was nine, and even then there was only one channel. We played a lot of games. Clue, Monopoly, checkers, Chinese checkers, Uncle Wiggily, and Chutes and Ladders. We also played many card games including rummy, gin rummy, Michigan rummy(a family variation), casino, War, five card draw and canasta. I often won these games because I was older and had learned more strategies.

My younger siblings sometimes resented my winning and complained that it was unfair or that I was cheating. Every once in a while, a sibling would say “I want to choose the next game.” I would agree, and they would declare “52 card pick up,” throwing the deck of cards into the air and laughing as the oblongs flew around the room.

There is a big difference between a “game changer” and a “disrupter.” Today as one of our candidates for President is being described as a “game changer,” I remember my childhood card games. Throwing all 52 cards in the air changed the game all right, by creating a big mess that had to be cleaned up. And my sibling left the clean-up to me.

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