Leonard Cohen and Apple Pie


Leonard Cohen recently released an astounding album which runs for 36 minutes. It turns out that the time it takes me to peel 10 apples, slice them, sugar and cornstarch them and put them in a pie crust is 36 minutes. It is a wonderful juxtaposition to be listening to dark, end of life musings while making an sweet apple concoction. Somehow it seems metaphoric, that dark and light can co-exist, both in me and around me.

I first heard Cohen when he and I were very much younger, back in the mid-1960’s. In fact I knew a girl who had slept with him in Toronto. (Probably hundreds of women know someone who slept with Cohen!) Now as he muses about Judaism, life, cults, death, sex and love, I experience reverberations of my own past. Lovers come and gone, spiritual struggles, a desire to reconcile with those estranged.

The music accompanied bittersweet remembrances. The pie welcomes home my husband, present time love. It reminds me that most things have turned out well after all.

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