Our Own Unending Misinformation


Today it isn’t television that is our biggest supplier of misinformation. For that, we get to turn to Facebook. Apparently 45% of Americans rely on Facebook for their news. In past times, countries had to mount disinformation campaigns to try to control their citizenry. We have saved our government the trouble by running our own.

On any given day you can find photoshopped images presented as facts. Lies presented as facts. Facts painted as lies. Apparently many still believe that President Obama is a foreign born Muslim. Of course if you keep repeating a lie over and over it can get stuck in the brain as a truth.

I wouldn’t ask my plumber to fix my stove. I wouldn’t rely on my car mechanic to take out my appendix. In these spheres we still seem to appreciate knowledge and competency. In the world of genuinely challenging issues such as climate change, world poverty, racial injustice and religious intolerance, many Americans apparently rely on faceless fake news articles which they distribute (for free) to their friends.

George Orwell couldn’t have dreamed up such a scenario.

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