A New Perspective


Sometimes kindness comes from another person seeing something that has caged us in by offering a different view of the situation.

Years ago, a dear pastor friend Stan Thornburg was listening to me take responsibility for something he didn’t believe was my fault. He couldn’t get through to me, as I continued to carry the blame. Finally, in pure desperation I think, he said,”Suppose I threw you through that window.” I imagined that taking place and wondered what on earth that had to do with my struggle.

“Well,” he said, “I guess I could say you broke the window.” “Yes,” I agreed, still stuck in my way of seeing things.

“Wrong!” he insisted, ” I broke the window; you were just what I used to do it.”

He got through to me with a blunt example, but he gave me a great gift of freedom from unwarranted guilt.

We minister kindness to one another in many different ways. Thanks Stan.

2 thoughts on “A New Perspective

  1. Wise man! Wise you for finally getting his message and taking it to heart the rest of your life. It is especially easy for women, as we have seen in this election year, to shoulder the blame society piles on us, with its subtle and not-so-subtle demands, accusations and outright lies. May we grow ever more stalwart in our resolve to hold the light of Truth, like Liberty, high.


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