Let It Snow?


Photo of  snow storm in  New York 1948.

Well we have been bemoaning the lack of snow in New England this winter. We have had a couple of minor storms, with a few inches of snow, but nothing to remind us we live in New England. Today, we got our comeuppance with 16 inches falling at our house, and similar amounts around the state.

My husband, a “non-essential employee,” had the day off and was chomping at the bit for the snow to stop so he could go outside with his top of the line Sears snow blower. This is our third snow blower in 16 years, and we finally went for the one with bells and whistles, including a head light. Not that I have ever used any one of them! I am a firm believer in a division of responsibility at home. He gets the outside and I get the inside. So I baked bread and made his favorite Almond Granola to fortify him in the seriously cold task of moving snow.

I am in my warm house comforted by two distinct sounds. The town plow goes by about every hour with a satisfying rumble. And I hear the drone of the snow blower as my husband takes care of our home and the ones on either side of us. Thanks guys!

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