Non Parallel Parking


First of all, how funny is this caption on the bottom on this image?  Apparently, you are very manly if you can parallel park.  Maybe that was my problem back in 1964 when I first tried to get my driver’s license.

I had learned to drive at 17, but I had to pass the Oregon driver’s test to get my license. I had studied the book and passed the written exam easily. However, before I could even get on the highway, the examiner had me parallel park between two orange pylons. I relied on luck when trying to park, looking for an end spot I could pull into. No one had taught me to parallel park, but I wondered just how hard it could be. Right?

I carefully pulled up next to the front pylon, turned the wheel, backed up and ran over the back pylon. Then to finish my exhibition of skill, I pulled forward and knocked over the front pylon.

So many points were deducted for that show of expertise, that even if I drove perfectly on the highway, I would still fail. So to save us both some time, the examiner said “thank you” and got out of the car. I didn’t try for a license again until I was 20 and had practiced and practiced my deft parking skills.

I wonder if parallel parking is still a part of the requirement for getting a license.

2 thoughts on “Non Parallel Parking

  1. When I got my license (25 years ago), my state had dropped it as a requirement. I was very happy about that, because that ONE thing had me so nervous about the test.


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