“Old Brooklyn”

73 Remsen Street, Brooklyn 1946

Inspired by my granddaughter’s query about all the places I had lived, I decided to take a break from my musical discussions for a while. It has been fun thinking back through all the places I have lived and looking for pictures I could find of them. Whenever possible, I am trying to add current photos if available.

This 3rd floor front apartment was occupied by my parents and by me in utero, so it technically serves as my first house. My parents were both working in Manhattan, he on Wall Street, her at Life Magazine, when they rented this 3rd floor Brooklyn Heights walkup. My mother always spoke fondly of their two years on Remsen Street.

Knowing that Brooklyn has dramatically morphed in recent years from the time when my newly married, and financially strapped parents rented here, I looked to see what the property looked like and was valued at today. The building has been turned into 10 coop apartments, with one of them recently selling for 2 and 1/2 million dollars.73remsenThe major change seems to have been the removal of the fire escapes running down the front of the building. How amused my parents would have been to know what had happened to their little inexpensive flat on Remsen Street.

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