“By the Lake”

Failing to make partner in the Wall Street law firm, my father looked all over the country for a new job. He was competing with many men back from the War, and jobs were hard to come by. Eventually, he found work in Portland, Oregon with the District Attorney’s office. He and my mom lived in a hotel for a while and I was left with my grandparents in Buffalo, New York. Once my parents were settled, my mother took the train back to reunite with me and travel back west on the train to our new home.

This first house was a rental in a quiet suburb of Portland called Lake Grove. Unlike many place names, this one actually had a lake and many trees. I loved the sidewalk out front and was allowed to go as far down it as the board my mother placed to mark the boundary for my expeditions.1948-50s 120I found this delightful shot of my walking back and forth along the board. Apparently, I responded to authority by pushing the limits, a trait I have possessed throughout my life. I remember little about this house, but the photos record my short two year residence in a house by a very pretty(albeit man made) lake.

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