“Room To Roam”

C7 photo_00055A

You might wonder how my mother filled this huge house with the furnishings from our smaller one once the Salvation Army had hauled everything away. She didn’t. We had our beds, dressers, one sofa, dining room set and toys, but little else to start with. The living room, which was so large it could fit four 9’X12′ rugs, had a bare floor. We rode tricycles around in it. The kitchen still had a large wood burning stove, but we had our electric stove from the old house, and it went into the same huge room.

For my mother, eight months pregnant when we moved in, this was far from an adventure. For us kids, however, it was a lot of fun. The house had two staircases from the first to the second floor. The kitchen had a huge pantry next to it. There was a special room called a linen closet  holding hundreds of sheets from Miss Nelson.(The Salvation Army had missed them.) My brother and I still shared a room because Norman had the run of the third floor.(Remember Norman came with the house!) But we had our own bathroom!

The house needed a lot of work, and my parents took out a loan equal to the cost of the house to do the needed repairs. It took many years before the house was entirely full of furniture. In fact, it wasn’t until my senior year in high school that the living room was redone. But my good memories of that house were the games of hide and seek we played when we first moved into the very unfurnished enormous place. Our own private kingdom with much room to roam.

6 thoughts on ““Room To Roam”

  1. I remember living in a big house with two stairs sets in the huge entrance area. It was an enormous home that had been converted into apartments in the 1960’s. Those were great memories, and they never seemed as hot as these small boxes we live in now.


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