“A Whole Home of Our Own”


In 1983 I began to search for a home to purchase. I loved our neighborhood and had very specific wishes for a house. There was a series of dead end streets that ran off the local road. That road had bus service to my job. The dead end streets were much safer for children than through ones. I also love light and so I wanted a south facing home. I didn’t have much money, but at the time the neighborhood was still pretty run down so I could afford a home. Ironically, the house above which I purchased for $65,000 is now valued at over $400,000. Needless to say, the area became gentrified!

When this house became available, I purchased it. It never was particularly a style I favored, but it was on a dead end street with a southern exposure with two nice bedrooms, one bath, a large back yard and a finished basement ideal for playing. We moved in and found that once again the new street was flush with small children.

It had been six years since I had been in a home I could call my own. It felt wonderful.

14 thoughts on ““A Whole Home of Our Own”

        1. It had a lot of things going for it including easy maintenance, a superb location, and great restaurants within walking distance. It was just two blocks from the river with its long walking path.

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