“Mirror Image”


In 2001, after living for 18 years in the previous house, having added a new husband in 1988, and having launched our combined three kids, we moved across the country. I had to work with a buyer’s agent by email before we came out to look for a home in Connecticut. We only had the weekend to look for and buy a house, so she and I had narrowed our choices a great deal before we came.

I wanted an ethnically diverse neighborhood with sidewalks, bus service, city water and city sewer.  That turned out to be asking quite a lot of the areas in central Connecticut. Our agent helpfully added that commuting west in the morning and east in the evening was beneficial to keeping bright sun out of our eyes.

We met Anna for the first time on a Saturday morning in January, and she first took us to see the house pictured above. I promptly burst into tears. It looked like a full size version of my dollhouse. The inside was lovely, with well proportioned specific rooms(I dislike the “open concept” idea of modern homes. I like slamming doors, or at least closing them behind me!) The water and sewer were provided by the town, as was garbage and leaf pickup in the fall. The sidewalks went to nearby stores. The bus stopped in front of the house. I told her we would buy it. She said, “You  can’t buy the first house you look at.”

She then dragged us around for two days looking at a lot of “raised ranch” houses which featured large garage doors in front. I don’t want to see a garage when I am looking at a house, though I had not thought to mention that. Finally, exhausted, we told her we were ready to make an offer on the first house she had shown us.

Six weeks later, we moved in and have stayed there happily since.

8 thoughts on ““Mirror Image”

  1. Beautiful home:-) And I feel the same about the trending love for “open concept.” I love the character and privacy of separate rooms with doors!


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