“A Guide for Girls”


Sometimes help in my childhood came from groups, in this case Camp Fire Girls. Some children went to Sunday School, but my family didn’t believe in church, so Camp Fire Girls gave me an equivalent ethic for life. Looking at the laws now, I can still hum the tune that went with the law.

Camp Fire Girls provided me with structure, goals, and community. Reading over the law today, I am touched by the balanced approach to life that it presents. The values are solid and timeless. A child would still be encouraged, even in this age of cynicism, sarcasm and dissension, by this clear set of ideals. I certainly found them a clear guide for my life which often was full of turmoil and uncertainty.

Before I write about specific experiences in Camp fire, I want to pause in gratitude for all such groups for children: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H, and Boys and Girls Clubs. Many dedicated volunteers make these activities happen. Regardless of what values we think parents SHOULD teach, many parents fail at the job. Thank goodness for the kind women, in my case, who gave up an afternoon a week and an occasional weekend to encourage and direct me in positive ways. Maybe they  aren’t famous, but their influence has been profound.

6 thoughts on ““A Guide for Girls”

  1. Our little girl has been going to American heritage girls and I volunteer along side many wiser women. It’s been amazing to see how much our little ones learn and I am thankful.


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