“Wardrobe Advisor”


I had been buying my own clothes since the sixth grade and I was a late bloomer, so I still shopped in the girls’ department. Therefore, I went off to high school still dressed as a much younger girl. Fortunately, a new friend, Laurie, came to my rescue. She politely told me that I should not be dressing like a child now that I was in high school. Our high school was in downtown Portland, so after school she took me to THE store, Charles F. Berg and introduced me to the junior department.

I was overwhelmed by the choices confronting me in this new clothing arena. Plus, I had very limited resources. She said that I should just buy one item today and then, as I earned more money, I could add to my wardrobe. She had a sweater very similar to the one pictured above(now listed as “vintage” on Ebay) and I bought one nearly identical to hers.

I didn’t have any reliable adults in my high school years. I was no longer in Camp Fire Girls, and there were no new neighbors in my very isolated neighborhood. Laurie served as an advisor and confidante, even though she was my same age. At her encouragement, I went to football games and even to after game dances, though I never danced. Though she moved away after sophomore year, I depended on her to make the transition from kid to teenager. Thank goodness she did a clothing intervention, allowing me to look as if I belonged in high school. She saved me from being the “weird” girl, and I am very grateful.


7 thoughts on ““Wardrobe Advisor”

  1. What a wonderful friend! Honesty is a rarity. I also didn’t have any grown women to advise me and I remember wearing a swimsuit from the kids department on a school trip my junior year when all the other girls were in bikinis. The flat-chested swimsuit look is in now, so maybe I was just being fashion forward? 😉


  2. I’m amazed at how you are able to not only remember these people and what they meant to you, but also put it all in perspective. Reading about how they helped you makes me think about the same types of people I gravitated towards in my childhood, most of them kind and helpful. I think it’s great that you give them credit for being there for you when you needed someone to guide you or help you out. You deserve credit too, for having an open mind and and listening to good advice 🙂


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