“Miss Katherine and The Pumpkin Patch”


When my daughter and I moved into our duplex, we were just a half block away from the local elementary school. Unfortunately, the school closed the summer my daughter was four, so she would go to another school. Fortunately, Miss Katherine opened a day care center in the wing of the school pictured on the right of this photo. As you can tell, the center had a huge ball field and a playground, both paved and grassed, for children to use.

Miss Katherine was very flexible about attendance, and allowed part time care, drop in care and full time care. One summer I used her center for full day day care for eight weeks; usually I just used her for a few hours. It was a perfect arrangement, close, affordable, well structured, with friendly staff. Alas, it was too good to be true.

One morning my neighbor from across the street whose two little boys also went to The Pumpkin Patch showed up at my door in great distress. “Miss Katherine is gone!” I agreed to watch his boys while he went to work, but we were both alarmed. What could have befallen her? Was she ill? Was her child ill?

She never returned. Apparently she had left “under the cover of darkness”(a little drama always helps) without paying the school district or her employees. We never found where she had gone. Sadly, no day care took over the spot. We were all on the hunt for reliable care once again.

3 thoughts on ““Miss Katherine and The Pumpkin Patch”

  1. What a story! I wonder why Miss Katherine disappeared without paying her staff. Did anyone ever hear anything about her afterwards. Do you think things of that nature can happen today with all the surveillance and monitoring we have all been subjected to? The arms of the law have grown longer.


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