“Old Friends- Everett and Palmer”


Everett’s wife had died before we met him and he could have become an isolated widower, as so many do. Instead, Everett cherished his life long friend Palmer. Palmer was Irish, a bookkeeper and a confirmed bachelor. Palmer did, however, have a “lady friend” with whom he kept company. Every other weekend or so, Palmer would come over to Everett’s house for cocktails, supper and hair cutting. Palmer and Everett took turns cutting each other’s hair, saving their limited funds for more important things(like cocktails and supper!)

Palmer often spent the night and apparently some of the neighbors thought it was suspicious. Everett was deeply offended by this. I was sorry that people were so unused to deep male friendship that they could only think of it in sexual terms. I always assumed that it ensured that they could drink cocktails and watch the late show without Palmer having to drive “under the influence.”

Palmer liked my future husband immensely and rooted for the relationship to succeed. After we married, Palmer and Everett gave us a pair of lawn chairs so we could enjoy sitting out in our back yard as much as they enjoyed sitting out in Everett’s. It was a perfect present, and we felt blessed to have gotten to know the two “advanced in years” friends.


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