“Problem Solved”


Bob was a terrific problem solver. He actually seemed to love the challenges of problems that Charlie and I encountered in and around our home. One of his favorites involved the project shown here in our garden.

Charlie, who loves all things stone, decided to build a gate for his blueberry garden. He purchased two large granite posts and had them delivered into the back yard. Granite is, of course, very heavy. In order to get the posts upright and steady, they needed to be set into the ground in a deep hole and cemented in. But how to lift them up, drop them into their holes and keep them steady while the cement dried?

Bob thought about the situation for a while. In fact, Bob often literally slept on things. He would come over in the morning and let us know he had figured out the answer to a troubling question. In this case, he and Charlie rigged up the pole, pulley and rope contraption in the photo. They were able to lift each pillar, position it correctly and center it in the hole.

At the end, Charlie insisted that Bob write his initials in the wet concrete. We have the mark of a great problem solver proudly displayed in our garden today. Thanks again, Bob.


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