“Just for the Halibut”


We are in Maine for our annual vacation. A year ago I was in search of scallops in Nova Scotia. This year I have decided to focus on halibut, paintings by Winslow Homer and Andrew Wyeth, and small bowls made by local potters. I have given up trying to spot a moose. I have to be content with the moose warning signs.

It’s fun to be in Portland, Maine after living in Portland, Oregon for 50 years. Oregon’s city was named by a coin toss. Heads Portland, tails Boston. The Maine city is also a large port. Even though Portland, Oregon is inland, it is a major Pacific Coast port via the Columbia River. The Maine city is much older with brick sidewalks and many cobble stone streets.

Tomorrow we will go to the Portland Art Museum to fill up on Winslow Homer paintings. Tomorrow night I’m hoping for halibut.

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