“Mystery Blogger”

I don’t usually respond to these awards, but I am so fond of “dys-adventures” posts that I am thanking her for the nomination. She writes about her dyslexia, among many other things, and she reminds me of the many students over the years that have persevered in writing even though they struggle.

Her questions are fun too.

My favorite toy was a plush rabbit which I still own, 70 years on now.

I blog at my desktop IMac, which I love. I am all Apple, all the time. When I travel, I post from my Ipad.

The book I  read over and over is anything by Jane Austen.

If I were an animal, I would be a sea otter. They like to eat, play and float on their backs. A perfect life.

When I am sick, I watch Lifetime Movies since they always are so awful they make me feel better!

I was unable to copy the image that goes with this award. I also am not going to nominate more people since most of the ones I follow have similarly opted out of awards.

Thanks to dys-adventures.

14 thoughts on ““Mystery Blogger”

  1. I don’t do awards either, but I was interested to read your answers.
    I have long been ‘Anti-Apple’ (mainly because of the prices) and we have Android phones and Tablets, as well as a Microsoft PC and Laptop. It reminds me of the days of VHS v Betamax. I went with VHS from the start, while some swore by Betamax.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It’s very unlike me to have been captivated by Apple. Usually I could care less about brands, whether clothing or cars. But late in life I have become hooked by a brand name! Maybe my late life crisis! I was a VHS person, too.

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