“An Ugly Encounter”

6B7EB2D9-7876-4F15-9E5A-5EA3F0B55420I was employed part time now teaching at the community college, but I still needed a full time job. I tried in vain to find one, and finally acknowledged that I would have to return to elementary school teaching. I knew I wanted younger kids and wanted to work in the country, not the city. I saw that there were openings in our local school and went for an interview.

I met the qualifications to be hired and interviewed for the position of first grade teacher. The principal seemed most interested in my private life. He stressed that I would be expected to represent the district at all times. If I wanted to have a drink, I should do it in another town. As a married woman teacher my morals should be above reproach. This seemed odd to me, but I had no concerns about my behavior. Several days later I was offered the job.

I traveled with my mother during July, and returned home to learn from my husband that the offer had been withdrawn. No explanation given.  A couple of weeks later, a very unpleasant neighbor informed me that she had called the school and told them I had a “Negro”husband. She was gloating as she told me. I assumed then and now that the call had led to the job offer retraction.  There was nothing to be done, no way to prove it. I went back to looking for a job.

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