“Better Late Than Never”


To accommodate relatives with conflicting plans, we have been having Thanksgiving dinner on Friday for several years. It’s actually a kind of peaceful way to do it, since there are things(like shopping) that people can do on that day while I cook. Yes, I cook. Some very organized, democratic households have various people bring things, but I enjoy having the kitchen to myself to prepare the food.

Split between vegetarians and meat eaters and Northerners and Southerners, our group requires much variety. For the North, mashed potatoes and green peas. For the South, rice and broccoli. For the vegetarians, Tofurky. For the meat eaters, roast turkey with giblet(yuck say the vegetarians)gravy. Whole berry cranberry sauce from fresh cranberries. Rolls for all. Butter for everything. For the adults, pumpkin pie. For the kids whipped cream!

I have eaten Thanksgiving dinner in many different places throughout my life. Growing up, we alternated between our house and a close friend’s home. As an adult, at our home, at a friend’s home, at church, at a colleague’s pot luck, at relatives’ houses. I think that by now I must enjoy eating at home. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but we have all the leftovers, a not insubstantial benefit!

Whether you already celebrated, or your country doesn’t observe the holiday, much love from our home to yours on this Friday.


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