“A Word From the Men”

4C538AC1-CC0D-4290-B0A8-47477A6EE8ADWhile a preponderance of my favorite reads are by women, there are several men I enjoy reading regularly. I don’t know if fewer men keep blogs or if I just have ended up following more women. I haven’t seen any statistics anywhere about this. If any of you know, please comment.

“Ron’s Country Musings” came to my attention when he first commented on one of my posts. I try to always look at the blog of anyone who comments on my writing. While this frequently reveals semi-commercial sites, in this case I was well rewarded. Ron has struggled recently with health issues, so I can’t always predict when I will see his writing. A retired cop, Ron lives with his wife, his mother-in-law(I think–she’s often popping up) in a trailer park. The trailer park does not deserve the name of  “mobile home community” as you can tell when you read the crazy goings on around him. He is also a technical nerd and I am always impressed with his discussions of things mechanical even though I never have any idea of what he is talking about. His warmth, sense of humor and love of life come through all his posts, and I welcome any that show up in my in box.

“Beetleypete” has been blogging for a long time and has many followers. While he does not follow my blog since he was already maxed out before I began writing, he always responds to my comments on his. Pete’s site explores a variety of things including  walks with his wrinkly dog Ollie, his wife Julie, the weather, his constant attempt to stay positive despite politics and the weather, jaunts around England, and movies, books and songs. Pete’s comment section warrants attention.  He has a very active group of followers and I have acquired some of my favorite blogs from reading the people who comment on his. Thankfully Pete has not tried to “monetize” his site, so it is free of ads, promotions and other money making schemes. He seems to be fully rewarded by the give and take his writing promotes.

Tomorrow I will end out the year with a discussion of “where are they now?’ blogs.


12 thoughts on ““A Word From the Men”

  1. Elizabeth, you touch my heart with your lovely words about my blog. Money was never an issue, as I only ever wanted to be a sincere friend to people all over the world, and to try to communicate with them via my very ‘ordinary’ blog. As you rightly state, the comments section is a complete joy, and I thank all my valued followers (including you of course) for their dedicated attention to my small community.
    My very best wishes to you, for 2018.
    Pete. x

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  2. I am humbled by your kind words about my blog, Elizabeth. That is so kind of you, and I get great joy knowing you get a smile from my posts there. I have met so many wonderful people over the last few months. The blogging community is full of supportive people. I’m looking forward to the new year with all of you.

    I enjoy coming here, and have found myself reading and reading, and then get called to do something for the wife, and never get back to comment. You know it’s good reading, when you can’t stop.

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