I imagine that I am writing some very serious words here on the beach. I am unconcerned that they will be washed away by the incoming tide. I feel that way about New Year’s resolutions. They may start out serious, but I am well aware that they are ephemeral at best.

I think that the seduction of New Year’s resolutions is the fantasy they provide that down the road we will be a different sort of person than the one we know so well today. Whether that person will be more organized, better read, less judgmental, thinner or more fit, we can easily imagine that person as we declare our resolution. It’s a fun exercise and one that millions of us seem to enjoy indulging in.

But the trick is the effort that would be required to get from who we are on January 1 to who we imagine we will become later in the year. Effort takes away the magic of resolutions which we tend to see as having supernatural power. Despite some television evangelists’ promise that we just have to declare it to see it come to pass, that has never worked for me.

So I resolve to accept myself for the slightly messy, pretty judgmental, overweight, reluctant exerciser that I am today. I wish the same for all of you. Happy New Year!

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