“It’s New England”


They have come up with even more horrifying terms for the snow now coming down in New England. The phrase “bombcyclone” was used on this one. Apparently the official term is bombogenesis, but that must not be frightening enough. Anyway, we are having a snow storm. A lot of snow is falling, the wind is blowing, and it is very cold. When you live next to the Atlantic Ocean with winds that move in a circular northeastern direction you get the familiar “nor’easter.” Which is what is happening now and has happened as long as there have been people inhabiting New England.

Instead of gluing themselves to the television, early New England farmers thought about how totally unpleasant it was to have to go out to the barn to feed the stock and go out in the yard to get more firewood. One on of their countless trips outside in a nor’easter, the thought must have come to CONNECT THE BUILDINGS!

Above is a schematic of one such arrangement, so common in old New England that a song celebrates it, called, plainly enough “Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn.” New Englanders don’t like to waste words either.

Anyway we are fine. Just snow covered. And the wind is blowing. And it’s cold. Stay warm wherever you are. Especially in the Southern Hemisphere. LOL!

8 thoughts on ““It’s New England”

  1. It certainly looks like a crazy blizzard you’re having there on the east coast! I’m glad you are staying warm and safe. It’s rather mild in the Pacific NW lately, with temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s and intermittent rain and gray skies; oh wait! – that seems to be our weather most of the year here! 😉


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