“Back to the Gym”


It had been three weeks since I had been able to go to the gym for my twice weekly session with my trainer. First I had been sick for a week, then she had been sick for a week, then it had snowed. I wasn’t sure how much my strength had slipped during that time. But I was able to do a good 45 minutes of weights and stretches, only 15 minutes less than usual.

It was good to see the regulars; the women who come in at the same time I do each week. While we don’t know each other outside of the gym, we are great encouragers to one another and utterly noncompetitive. Each of us has her own goals, strengths and weaknesses, and we exercise in friendly proximity.

What I had forgotten in just three weeks is the beneficial effect that even this brief workout and socializing has on my state of mind. It is easy for me to slip into a mild melancholy without even realizing it. Since I am retired and my husband still works, I have a lot of time alone. While I enjoy the solitude, it can creep into isolation without my notice.

But today I went, I worked out, and my frame of mind improved. I was reminded of why I have committed to this routine. It’s more than my muscles that need a workout. My sociable nature needs one too.

10 thoughts on ““Back to the Gym”

  1. I completely relate to those dual needs, Elizabeth. After a year of poor health and its consequent isolation, I am now appreciating not only the benefits of exercising again (albeit not in the gym) but the enormous benefits of socialisation. It’s remarkable what an impact the latter has. Loneliness and isolation are huge problems in the uk, particularly for older people. No doubt it’s the same for you. Glad you’re recovered and back out in the world again.

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  2. My brother does about 3-4 hours a day, and runs. He’s 63. Me? I’m falling apart at 65. I really need to get out and walk more. I used to enjoy the Gym days, but after my back injury, it just isn’t possible.

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  3. I can definitely understand what you are saying about loneliness, Elizabeth. I also understand the pleasure of a workout. I went back to pilates for the first time this year on Saturday and it was great although quite hard as it has been four weeks since I last went.

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