“Two Awards to Answer”


I have mentioned before that I only participate in a small way in the awards available for blogging. I like to answer the questions and also thank the people who nominated me. I don’t, however, use the image nor do I keep the cycle going to 5 or 10 others. Since it is often, though not always, newer writers who do this, I do like to support them.

The first nomination comes from aaalyolly.wordpress.com, “Random Writing of a Promdi Girl.” She cited the two questions in the Blogger Recognition award. The first question, “why do you blog?” is easy to answer. It turns out I like an audience for my writing. I am satisfied with one reader, and I don’t need a large audience or hundreds of followers. I do like the chance that someone will comment and that we can establish a connection through writing. I am less fond of journaling since I only interact with my own thoughts in that format. The second question is “what advice would you give for a new blogger?” I would urge her to avoid advertisements cluttering up her posts. That is a personal dislike, and might not bother other readers.

The second nomination for the Mystery Blogger comes from a newer writer Vivien Ayinotu at viviensvoice.com. 1. I enjoy most about blogging the chance to interact with people around the world. 2. I blog most days. 3. I do not have a favorite book beyond the one I am reading at the time. 4. When I am stressed I either work out of play solitaire while listening to music. and 5. If I had the ability to change the world, I would have everyone spend a full day with someone completely different from themselves to have an active experience of empathy. I would start by pairing our president with a low income single mother working two jobs.

Thanks for the chances to write a little more about myself, Yolly and Vivien.


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