“Say WHAT?”


Before I go on to consider rational dialogue and productive discussion, I want to address times when my only response is a deep breath and a brain which resembles the photo above. These would be times when the other person really isn’t interested in your point of view at all. At those times, I have learned to quite quickly have a very compelling reason to walk away!

A prime example came when my husband and I struck up a conversation with a man fixing the parking lot gate at our church. We were on solid ground talking about the mechanics of the gate, his expertise, and the weather, which was lovely. Or so I thought. He began to explain to us that the the lovely trails from the high flying jets were not jet vapor but rather poisonous chemicals, part of a secret conspiracy to ..(I don’t know. My brain was getting scrambled.)

Then, not missing a beat, he started in on the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School. These were actually committed by a mentally ill young man armed with a machine gun who entered the school and mercilessly killed 26 children and teachers. This man began to regale us with the “truth” that it was all staged and that he had lots of evidence to back up this “truth.” Since we knew people who knew some of the victims, this sickened me. My logical brain couldn’t fathom why he believed this. Fortunately, my protective self grabbed my husband, said we were late already, and left.

It would not have been helpful to engage this man in a conversation. I grieved that lies on the internet could persuade a gullible reader. But many manipulators, including nations, knew that already.


18 thoughts on ““Say WHAT?”

  1. We have a friend we like very much but sadly he believes the baloney about the jet trails i had to tell him we loved him but do not subscribe to his theory’s bruce >

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  2. It is sad that many exploit the gullibility of people, or the wish to be in the know, or whatever it may be. It is sad that the need or gullibility of these poor folks is so high that they are vulnerable to exploitation.

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    1. I have been pondering why they would grab onto such things. First, they join a group of fellow believers. Secondly, I think it addresses a certain insecurity that something is wrong in their life and it must be because of some big government nefarious scheme. Other thoughts welcomed.


      1. Uhoh, here comes rambling!

        I think those are likely, and are similar to why one might join a gang. I would also think it addresses secret fears about being dumb, ‘since if others believe it, we can’t all be wrong, right?’ A religiosity angle is sometimes strong too, that ‘the real God’ is on your side, like being adopted *and validated* by the Biggest Bigwig; this might also pertain if famous and/or wealthy people endorse it too. I feel again that it might well be an attempt to hide shame. If I am a nothing-special person of some sort and feel a real lack of ways to feel good about myself , and then I find something that makes me feel special even if it’s sort of iffy, of course I’ll cling to it if I am a certain type of person. That usually results in blaming or comparing the self with others who are ‘worse’ in your view. If people like Obama can be president, and he’s stronger and smarter and a better singer than I am, maybe the only way for me to deal with that, if I can’t be happy that someone compentent has the job, is to say that everybody in that race/gender/orientation/religion/culture/etc. is no good anyhow, and I by birth am better, and all those badguys are making secret plots to harm me and mine, since they are secretly jealous or something. Everyone’s mileage may vary!

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        1. I don’t consider this rambling. Instead I see that you have thought about all the reasons someone might believe preposterous untruths. Thanks. I really ponder this question.


  3. Great post, I love the photo, reminds me of me too, when confronted by left field topics, trying to function cognitively with Fibromyalgia brain fog lol!

    Its the old adage that whatever the news…it must have some authority, some people don’t have discerning filters either, so believe fake news. However because there has at times been proven true conspiracies, this in turn gives fuel for all!

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  4. Ooo… all those conspiracy theories. Big brothers are always watching. But then again, some people do gravitate to the dark sides. They too have stories to tell.

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  5. Your policy of walking away has much merit. I am finally learning to resist the temptation to engage in a discussion. My goal is to smile and say, “I dont share that opionion” in a meaningful way. Aim: to avoid feeling anger or frustration. That is still perhaps cowardly!


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