“Sometimes They Get It Right”


All day yesterday the weather forecast called for heavy snow. Schools closed and the state sent workers home at noon. Still all we had was rain. The outdoor temperature was well above freezing, and the roads were warmer still. Then in the late afternoon it really did start snowing and snowing and snowing. This morning we woke up to 12 inches of heavy, wet snow. Fortunately the trees have yet to leaf, so though the boughs bent low, we didn’t lose any limbs. It’s above freezing this morning, and the snow is sliding off any tilted surface such as a porch roof. Nonetheless, my husband is out with the snowblower moving tons of snow from the sidewalks and driveways at our home and the ones on either side.

It will be below freezing tonight, so any melted snow will turn to ice. In the meantime, I expect we may get a bit of mud tracked in by the dog from the marsh formerly called our back yard. In parts of New England they joke that between winter and spring is the mud season.

Our poor hollyhocks, fooled by the warm temperatures ten days back, have stuck their little heads out of the garden. The crocus weren’t as misled, and sent up leaves but no flowers. Only the snowdrops got it right, though now they are buried in the real stuff.

May you all enjoy the wild weather that seems to be happening around the world. We can’t control it, so we might as well accept it.

18 thoughts on ““Sometimes They Get It Right”

  1. We lost a huge limb off our 100 year old Apple tree in our front yard. We are so sad it broke. Our girls were building snow fort under it just hours before it crashed down. Glad you didn’t lose any trees or power! Looking forward to spring!

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    1. I am so glad the kids are safe. Losing a part of a treasured tree is heartbreaking. I understand that. We lost half of a dogwood a few years back and it is still painful to see it in its new state.

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  2. As the world turns. Winter is unpredictable lately for the past five years. It’s late and goes right through spring solstice. Oh, the dew drops are so resilient and the poor crocus. Yikes, icy patches, be careful. We have the heavy rain here in Wetcoast.

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  3. We had Spring Weather all last week, reaching mid 80F. last night it suddenly dropped to 31F.
    I’m glad you were safe from the snow. I don’t think I have seen 12 inches of snow, since 1974.

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