“Third Time’s The Charm”


Now I am generally not a whiner about the weather, but it is getting a little old. Today, for the third time in as many weeks, we are being blanketed(pelted, annoyed, assaulted, dismayed, covered) by snow. The above picture is actually in color, though it appears black and white. That should give you a sense of the outlook from my living room. Unfortunately we had a warm day a couple of weeks ago which reminded us that spring was actually a possible reality. That trick is one of New England’s favorites. Lull them into complacency and then hit them with a return of winter.

When we lived in Oregon, I always wondered why spring supposedly started on March 22. By then, flowers were up, grass was green, and my winter coat(such as it was–it wouldn’t have lasted here)was hung in the closet. Now I understand the seasonal demarcation. It’s just a little odd to have daylight savings time and snow, although it does allow more hours to shovel!

I did have time to make a batch of granola this morning. Somehow the smell of oats, nuts and maple syrup gave my spirits a little lift. And, after all, before long, we will be complaining about the heat.

14 thoughts on ““Third Time’s The Charm”

      1. I hope it doesn;’t get too icy. It feels genuinely cold out, like spring-winter cold in the air, so we’ll see what happens with it. I love the freshness of the air this time of year.

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  1. I hardly know what to say other than I sympathize with you! Back here in the Pacific NW, we enjoyed temperatures in the 70’s yesterday and children wore shorts and bathing suits! If it’s any consolation it is now raining and temperatures are dropping – though no snow in sight. 😉 At least our weather isn’t boring!

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