“Words As Seeds”


I seem to have good intentions here with my little watering can as I water Cinder. Perhaps I think if water makes seeds grow maybe water will help Cinder grow. Or maybe I just think she might be hot without a hat to keep her cool. The Pope continues, “may our words be seeds of goodness for the world.” But how can words act as seeds of goodness?

They can come in the form of reassurance to a scared child. They can be prayers for health to a friend who is ailing. They can be the comforting words of Scripture for those who believe. They can be calls for calm in tense situations.

Sometimes words plant the seeds of hope. Good intentions can be spoken, not just held inside. “I don’t know what it is like to be you, but I would like to hear about it.” How is it to be a Muslim in the United States today? How is it to fear deportation? How is it to be addicted to opioids? How did you come to leave Syria? What is it like to be living in our church family shelter? Any questions asked with a genuine interest in the other can act as seeds of goodness since they show a sincere desire to connect rather than separate.

I get overwhelmed when I think of all the troubles in the world. I can’t solve most of them. But I can guard my words and use them intentionally as seeds of goodness, not division. And I can hope for the same from those around me.

14 thoughts on ““Words As Seeds”

  1. Thank you for this, Elizabeth. I never considered that expressing my compassion for someone else by inquiring about their experience and condition could be a way to plant seeds of hope and goodness.


  2. Words are the most Powerful tool in the world. They can heal, they can kill, they can incite love or they can incite hate. They can calm a troubled mind or they can rile up an angry beast.


  3. Seeds grow in darkness, it can be muted in an overwhelming world. Words do come, eventually. First we have to make sure they are safe in our company. Goods questions.


  4. I have been enjoying and reflecting on your posts, Elizabeth, even if I don’t comment. BUt this is such a powerful one. Such an important skill and one which for me will be a lifelong work in progress.


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