“Awakening Trust”


My grandson joyfully put on this harness and jumped high into the air attached to a bungee cord. He had complete trust(more than his grandmother!) that it was safe. The Pope’s Peace Prayer continues, “where there is prejudice, let us awaken trust.”

I was challenged by this phrase and took a while to understand what I believe he is getting at. I think that he is suggesting that our preset ideas prevent something positive from happening between people. If I am prejudging all Southerners as racist, I am unlikely to actually interact with one. I will be suspicious and keep my distance.

In my case, this would have been a great loss, since I married a man from Alabama, one of our Southern states, who isn’t a racist. I might never have had the chance to have 30 years of a solid marriage if I had dismissed him outright.

I appreciate that the Pope says to “awaken trust.” This certainly suggests that for many of us “trust” is either asleep or in a coma. There are excellent reasons for suspicion and lack of trust. But when we generalize from our experiences, we miss the chance to reawaken trust. May we have an awakened trust, not foolhardy, but open to new possibility.

11 thoughts on ““Awakening Trust”

  1. There is plenty to consider in this line of the Peace Prayer, Elizabeth. I’ve never coupled prejudice and trust in my thinking. I shall reflect carefully on this one 🙂


  2. I like your statement “be awakened but not fool hardy” as we need to have discernment with trust…don’t we 🙂 but your right not with prejudices. 😉


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