“In The Service of Style”


Points if you can identify the objects above. Years before the invention of blow dryers and circular hair brushes, rollers were the only way to achieve curly hair. My hair was stick straight in a time when poofy hair was in style. The solution was to roll up damp hair on these objects and sleep on them. They were wire spheres filled with sharp nylon spikes to catch the hair. They were held in place by the little white rods.

That looks like it would hurt. Yup! Got that right. Besides the pain of the nylon spikes, the white rods had a tendency to move in the night and end up poking me in the ear. And these were relatively small for the hair style I was after. I also tried ones twice this diameter, but they proved impossible to sleep on.

But it was all worth it right? Well, no. Despite the fact that I religiously bought the 25 cent little booklets at the checkout stand which showed me the pattern to use with the rollers, my actual hair never came up even close to the pictures. In fact, the actual result looked likeL_00015A

The next year I decided to grow my hair out straight and long. Fortunately in time that became the style.

21 thoughts on ““In The Service of Style”

  1. That photo looks cute and optimistic. I probably still have some of those actual curlers, although I think we used bobbypins with them instead of the sticks. We also used those plastic ones in different sizes that had little shells to clip over them, including the ones that were tiny and sort of went inside-out to make small frizzy curls–


  2. Oh yes, way back in junior high school I used those spiky objects to produce curls. Ouch! I also was happy when straight long hair came into vogue and stayed with that style for years. 😉


  3. Oh gosh, I hated those things! Believe it or not, my mom still uses them. I also went through wet hair pinned with bobby pins overnight, then the foam rollers with plastic frames that snap closed. Finally I got brave like you and let my hair grow it’s natural way.


  4. We had curlers too on those days but they were made of plastic and instead of
    the stick, there is a lock which we can use. Same material but larger than the curlers.


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