“Slip Sliding Away”


The heat really came on here yesterday just in time for my daughter’s big back yard bash. She was able to rent an inflatable slip and slide for the afternoon. This proved a saving grace for the 20 or so kids who came to the party. The water sprayed out from the sides making a slippery surface to slide along. The kids spent several hours running and splashing.

All of the kids at the party are home schooled, and they are used to being in mixed age groups. So the kids from age 3 to age 15 got along, took turns and generally had a great time. Towards the end of the afternoon, they did ask Grandpa if they could go pick blueberries. About seven of them trooped over to our house and had their fill of berries. The fortress is keeping out nearly all the birds, so there are plenty of blueberries to eat and to share.

I am taking a break from the news. So many disheartening stories one after another about our country was having a negative effect on me. I do what I can, but it is overwhelming sometimes to encounter the mean spiritedness of much of my government. I needed an afternoon of a racially diverse folks eating and playing together to remind me how much good there still is in much of this country. I will vote in November, but beyond that I will sit back and continue to feast on the good all around me.

7 thoughts on ““Slip Sliding Away”

    1. I read the British magazine The Economist so I am able to read about your country. I just read about the Supreme Court Justice and the legislator both being framed and the drive to rewrite your constitution.

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  1. In my opinion, what we see in the news is not what is really happening. I don’t mean it’s fake news, I just mean they focus and slant whichever way makes the biggest dent in our psyche. So yeah, I’ve been avoiding it, Facebook, Twitter etc for well over a year and I don’t find that I am any less of a person.
    I started a couple of Girl Scout troops for homeschooled girls in our community when my daughter was around young. The families came along as well and it was such as great experience.


    1. I am glad to hear that about you. I did realize that all the news was doing was raising my blood pressure. Did you homeschool too? I am so impressed with how delightful my grandchildren and their friends are and how many opportunities there now are for those being schooled at home.


  2. I think we all have to do what you are doing to keep our sanity,

    It sounds like the kids had a wonderful time! I wish we could still play outdoor games as adults.


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