“Out of Darkness”


While I have taken a long break from following the news out of my country, I have paid close attention to the Thai boys lost in a cave deep underground. Their rescue, still in progress as I write, is uncertain, though eight of the boys are now above ground. I have had the chance to wonder what has moved me about this news.

Most of the news in my country leaves me feeling paralyzed and helpless. I weep for the children torn from their parents at our border, now scattered, no one seems to know where, across our nation. But I can’t see the lawyer and volunteers working tirelessly for their reunion with their parents. I am sickened by the words of Donald Trump, but I can’t reply directly to him since I am unable to tolerate his personal attacks and name calling which would surely follow. I detest the isolationism now being espoused by my nation’s leaders, but I can’t singlehandedly let people around the world know we need each other.

But in the Thai rescue effort, a team of Thai, British, Chinese, Australian, American (and any I don’t know about) divers are working tirelessly together to rescue 12 little boys and their coach. They aren’t spending hours debating whose fault it is that the group is there. They aren’t trying to get points for being first in or for rescuing the most or wearing “Make Thailand Great Again” clothing. Risking their lives for children they have never met, they are reminders of the best of human behavior. This isn’t some “feel good” story. This is an actual counterbalance to the ugly news that spews nonstop from my “leader.” Though he is now trying to jump on the “we are working to get those boys out” bandwagon, he couldn’t care less. But I am grateful to all who are together in this effort.


19 thoughts on ““Out of Darkness”

  1. Well said Elizabeth! We need to come together to love, support & give help to each other! This is being demonstrated by the everyday people with special skills, like the team of international cave divers!


  2. I have found myself activly crying about this situation. I look at my own babies and can’t imagine the pain of those parents or their gratitude to their sons’ rescuers. It is a miracle that they are all out safely, and my prayers are now for the man who sacrificed his life helping to save these boys and for his family.


  3. All are now safely out of the cave…thanks to 90 professional divers from around the world who came together with one mission in mind – to save the lives of these 13 people they didn’t even know. THAT is respect and value for human life. THAT is humanitarianism at it’s finest. I’m so glad it turned out well, even though one diver gave his life in the mission to rescue the boys. Those 90 men and women are the world’s heros today. Now, let’s turn our attention to the 3000 kids who have been torn from their parents arms by Trump and his corrupt regime…THAT is the next group of innocent kids that need rescuing very badly. Let’s hope a miracle occurs for them as well. ~MB


        1. Man, that’s why you have a lot of people who are terrified of open bodies of water. I was for a long time until I got into snorkelling. But you won’t find me in deep water without snorkelling gear. I have to see what’s under there and there’s no way I’m diving. Always terrified something like that might happen to me!


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