“Blueberry Bounty”


My husband’s blueberry barricade constructed to keep the birds away from the berries has succeeded beyond his best dreams. So far he has only removed three birds from the enclosure. Previously, in his less fortress like structure, he would bird whisper about one a day out of the enclosure.

The weather has supported the abundance by not raining and splitting any of the huge ripe berries. The pine straw he gathers each fall and spreads beneath the plants both amplifies the acidic soil blueberries love and holds in moisture when he waters. Each evening after work he has picked at least one large bowlful of berries. He uses no pesticides or herbicides, so he is able to freeze them without washing. Spreading them out in a layer on a cookie sheet, he sets them in the freezer until hard. Then he packages them in little plastic freezer bags.

His reward extends through the rest of the year. Bringing one little bag of berries up each weekend, he stirs them into his oatmeal or pancakes. I prefer them mixed with unflavored Greek yogurt and am always glad he shares them so generously. Our yard yields another fruit which is at home in New England. I am again grateful.

11 thoughts on ““Blueberry Bounty”

  1. Really nice, Elizabeth. There is nothing as tasty as homegrown fruit. We planted a blackberry bush last year but the birds ate most of the fruit, this year we will also put up netting to protect the plant.


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