“Tuning Out”


All of my life I have been told that I need to be an informed citizen of the United States. From current events in grade school to American History in high school through getting to vote at 21, I have paid close attention. I have spent a great deal of time involved at a local level in planning, both urban and transportation. I have watched the evening news since Walter Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkley.

Now I am on a Trump fast. I have tuned out, as I promised a while back that I would. While I struggle with this decision, fearing that I have become a passive sheep in the face of a destructive wolf, I am sticking with this practice. We are governed(I use the term very loosely) by a dimwitted narcissist. He has made breathless daily news the current diet for many Americans. I was one of them. But I found that it produced a constant level of anxiety which served no purpose, either for the country or for me.

I am a faith based person, and one day God suggested to me that I follow the words of the children’s librarian when she reads a book to a squirming mass of preschoolers. “Eyes on me.” There is a cute hand gesture that goes with that with two fingers pointed at the eyes. So I have taken my eyes off Donald Trump. I am amazed at the change in my outlook on life. My mind is free to create, dream and interact with others on topics other than the national news. I live in a so-called “blue state” which means my Congressional representatives already represent my views.



11 thoughts on ““Tuning Out”

  1. I wish I could do that too Elizabeth, “A Duterte fast” but it seems every day something happens that makes us more insecure about the future of our country.


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