“Say What?”


This Wednesday morning I am having a colonoscopy. It is the fourth one I have had, since they found a polyp the first time around and a wonky appendix last time. I have adjusted to the protocol although it is unpleasant because I value the screening. I won’t go into all the details, but the day before you can only have clear liquids. A friend teased me that vodka is a clear liquid, by the way!

But in this new, revised and “better for you”  instructions I received this time around, I was told that for three days before the procedure I was not to have whole grains, brown rice, nuts, popcorn, beans, fruits or vegetables. That list comprises about 95% of my regular diet with a little meat now and then. I have had to eat things I haven’t had in years including white bread, plain bagels and macaroni and cheese. In fact, if you look at the illustration above, I was to eat just the left side and not the right side.

I feel lousy. Everything they say about eating this way is true. It is not good for you. I find it hard to believe that this makes the preparation easier. For me it has simply extended the ordeal to four days instead of one. Who came up with this one? If you are a gastroenterologist, please respond ASAP.

21 thoughts on ““Say What?”

  1. Colonoscopy, a procedure I hate most of all, just imagine the preparation and the hassle of it. It was during my colonoscopy where the doctors found those cancerous cysts in my colon.


  2. Elizabeth, we were told that white bread etc are to be avoided.
    Anyway most important is the treatment and wish you all the best and get well soon


  3. Wen you were listing which foods you weren’t to eat, my first thought was, “What else is there?” You are right that the diet seems counterintuitive.


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